Weekly Top Five – June 23

I feel like this has been SUCH a busy week. I’ve spent a ton of time working, decorating, cleaning, putting together furniture, and doing laundry. I somehow haven’t spent any time at all cooking the groceries that are in my fridge. I need to get on that because I bought some broccoli rice at Wegman’s that I’ve been dying to try. I don’t really know what to like…DO with broccoli rice, but I guess that’s what the internet is for, right?

Anyway, a couple of things on my radar this week:

#1 – LCD SOUNDSYSTEM – I have been listening to LCD Soundsystem on repeat all week (the album above in particular) ever since I saw the news of their upcoming new album and tour. Doug will be out of town when they come through for two nights in Philly, so we decided to try to make it to one of their shows in Brooklyn during their 14 night (!!) residency at Brooklyn Steel in December. I was a little nervous about being able to get tickets since their last ticket release was such a fiasco, but ended up getting an email from Spotify with a presale code yesterday and immediately snagged tickets for Sunday, December 17. Success. See you in December, Brooklyn.

#2 – I bought this pineapple shirt from J. Crew Factory last weekend when Doug and I stopped at a mall to get graduation gifts for my little brother. It can easily be dressed up for work or down to just hang out around the city. One thing to note is the fabric is super thin, so I had to wear a white tank top underneath. Not totally ideal for a really hot, humid day but I made it work. I got a lot of love on this one on Instagram and at work…and of course, spilled some hot sauce on it at lunch. Story of my life.

#3 – Free books! I never win anything EVER, but I have some friends who I always tag in Instagram giveaways and I finally won one! Riverhead Books has published some of my recent favorites (like The Mothers and Modern Lovers – highly recommend both), so I was beyond excited to get five books and a tote bag from them this week. Seriously can’t wait to start digging into these. I got Do Not Become Alarmed, Ultimate Glory: Frisbee, Obsession, and My Wild Youth, The Devils of Cardona, The Lost Letter, and Sons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty. The only issue I have is not being able to decide what to read first!

#4Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! – I have a more lengthy post about my favorite podcasts in the works, but I’ve been listening to a ton of podcasts this week. I’m going to a live taping of Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! at the Mann Center on Thursday (some tickets still available!) and have been looking forward to it since buying tickets for Doug’s birthday a few weeks ago. I’m hoping some of my favorites will be on the panel – Paula Poundstone was there when I saw a live taping at Wolf Trap in DC a while back! I’m also going to make sure to keep a close eye on the news so I can get all the answers right. I was super proud of myself while listening to last weekend’s episode when I got the Bluff the Listener game answer correct because I had actually seen the real story in the news that week for the first time ever – Lorde reviews onion rings on Instagram.

#5New Game of Thrones trailer. Enough said.