Weekly Top Five – July 7

#1 – MAINE. I got back from an amazing trip to Maine (hence the blogging hiatus for a few days) on Wednesday night and I cannot stop telling every person I know that they must go to Acadia National Park. I’ll be sharing more detailed posts from my time in Portland and on Mount Desert Island soon but this trip was without question this week’s biggest highlight.

#2 – The week in music news was slow-ish due to the July 4 holiday BUT I did see one story that made me super excited. Brittany Howard, the crazy awesome front woman of Alabama Shakes, apparently has a new band called Bermuda Triangle. They don’t have any recorded music anywhere but are playing a live show in Nashville on July 12, so I imagine some videos will surface after that. In the meantime, you can find me over here just listening to the Sound & Color album over and over.

#3 – Philly Mag is now updating their 50 Best Restaurants list quarterly! I feel like I get in ruts where I go to the same restaurants I know and love every week or two (helloooo Cantina Los Caballitos) so this is good news for some food inspiration. I’ve only been to 7/50 on this list, so I clearly have some work to do! A ton of the restaurants on this list are in the East Passyunk neighborhood, so I really have no excuse not to check out a few new places in the coming weeks.

#4 – The Greatest American Road Trip – While planning my trip to Acadia, I kept thinking about how cool it would be to visit every single National Park. It’s definitely not at all a short-term goal, but it’s a cool lifetime goal I guess? I came across a series of posts by a couple who set out to visit every National Park in one year to celebrate the centennial of the U.S. National Park Service and have been devouring every post ever since trying to decide where to go next. I feel like I get so stuck on wanting to do international trips that I forget how many beautiful adventures there are to be had in the United States! I feel totally paralyzed by so many great options trying to decide what’s next on the list.

#5 – I finally gave in and purchased a subscription to the New York Times Crossword. I love being able to do the puzzles on my phone and I just find these so much more fun and challenging than crossword more readily available for free via other news outlets. Catch me on the subway missing my stop because I’m stuck on 43-across.