Weekly Top Five – August 4

fates and furies

Life has been crazy lately and I haven’t posted in a while, but I have several things in the works and am happy to be back! I’ve been all over the place and out of town for family things, but now I’m happily back in Philly with no significant travel planned for the foreseeable future. As summer classes close out this weekend, I’m looking forward to making more improvements to the blog. Here are some things on my mind this week:

#1 – Fates & Furies – I finished reading this last week thanks to some quality time on airplanes and I loved it! I’ll write more about this and other books I’m currently reading in a future post, but I just wanted to get my thoughts on this one out there now.

#2 – My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items have been coming in and I’m so excited to get my hands on this Madewell tote. I know I won’t be able to wear my new coats for a while, but at least I’ll feel good having those items in my closet.

#3 – HAIM covering Shania Twain (lol) – So I have to admit I’m not a huuuge HAIM fan – or country music fan, but my brother and I have had this weird thing about Shania Twain forever. Anyway, this is actually a good cover. I’m into it.

#4 – Fortune Cookie Analysis – Walt Hickey at FiveThirtyEight did a huge analysis of fortune cookies. As a big fan of unnecessary and ridiculous data projects, this is basically my favorite thing ever.

#5 – Talula’s Garden – Last weekend, I went to Talula’s Garden for brunch and it was spectacular. It’s a little pricey – definitely not somewhere I’m going to go every weekend – but totally worth it. I got their chicken and waffles and was very happy with my decision. Their sangria is also excellent. Highly recommend.