Weekend Update

Christmas wreath

I feel like everyone does Friday link roundups, so I’m shifting mine to Saturdays or Sundays for a weekend update. I’m always tweaking the format of these posts, so bear with me until I figure it out. This weekend, I’m taking a trip up to New York to see at St. Vincent show with my cousin! I’ll spend some time in both Manhattan and Brooklyn and I’m excited to have some time to just wander around without much of an agenda. I even splurged on train tickets instead of Megabus so the trip should be easy (fingers crossed).

Here are some things I’m into this week:

Amazing woman Laura Olin has a Kickstarter running right now for a children’s book about Barack Obama. There are still a few days left to back the project!

Philadelphia artist Amberella (you’ve definitely seen her work around the city) updated her shop and I finally bought a print! So excited to hang this up in my apartment.

I finished reading Origin by Dan Brown and started reading The Dollhouse by Fiona Davis this week. Fiona is a fellow William & Mary alumna, so I’m excited to read her book and support her work! Loving it so far.

My friend Sarah over at DC to a T had a great post this week with entertaining tips from her mom. Bookmarking this as I scramble to plan my holiday party…

This was a slow week for new music, so instead I’ll share this ridiculous song, which gets stuck in my head nonstop EVERY holiday season.

Do I need a giant wall calendar??? No? Yes? Maybe? Why do I want this?

Is it just me or has this Gucci belt been ALL over Instagram lately? If only I had that kind of money to drop on a statement belt…or anything at all.

In this week’s How I Built This podcast, Guy Raz interviewed Susan Tynan, creator of Framebridge! I loved this interview. Susan was totally relatable and had an awesome story of being hungry to build a business and then she just DID it when she saw a need in the market.

I bought my boyfriend this ridiculous NHL ugly sweater from Amazon and I’m obsessed with it. I kind of wish I had bought one for myself. The Buffalo Sabres one (what I bought) appears to be sold out, but a lot of teams are still available. They also have an NFL version and I might have just added an Eagles sweater to my cart.

One of my favorite people ever, Pete Souza, was on Pod Save America this week. I pre-ordered his book, Obama: An Intimate Portrait, a few weeks before it was released and I LOVE it. It’s such a great coffee table book and is a really excellent visual overview of Obama’s presidency.

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