Weekend Update

A slightly shorter post this week after having a crazy busy schedule the last few days including the start of a new semester of grad school. I’m spending the day today skiing at Blue Mountain, which will provide a much needed break from the rest of my obligations. In other news, I booked flights to SCOTLAND this week. Commence crazy google doc trip planning. Please send any and all recommendations my way.

  • I’ve been on a bit of a decorating kick this week and am thinking about a new rug for my living room. After asking Instagram about this rug vs. this one, opinions were almost totally even…leaning toward this one though.
  • Katie’s blog is one of my new favorites and I loved this post about how she spent her money in 2017.
  • I saw this book on a Books are Magic staff picks list and ordered it immediately. Looks like a very important read.
  • If only I had any reason at all (or, you know, $13,000) to buy this dress
  • Amber’s reading challenge is one of the best I’ve seen this year.
  • Loved this piece about all the black on the Golden Globes red carpet this year.
  • Does this coat look ridiculously cozy or just ridiculous? Can’t decide but still kind of want it.

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