Weekend Update

four roses

Happy first weekend of 2018! Is it just me or has it been especially hard to get back in the swing of things this week? Maybe it’s because I didn’t come back to work until the 3rd or maybe it’s the snow, but I still don’t feel adjusted post-holidays. I’ve been spending lots of time this week getting my apartment back in order – cleaning and taking down my Christmas decorations – and also just sitting in bed and reading. I got home from work on Wednesday and just totally fell into bed with a book.

Some exciting blog-related news to share this week is that I finally got my act together and started a newsletter! I’m still very much working on how to differentiate that from these posts, but I think the key difference will be that the newsletter will focus on my content, while these weekend updates are mainly collections of links to other websites. I may do some tweaking as I learn and look at the analytics, but for now I plan to start sending these out on Friday mornings. Subscribe to the newsletter here!

After a short week I thought I’d have a shortage of links to round up, but I’m happy to report that’s not true:

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