Top Posts of 2017

Okay so maybe this isn’t entirely fair since this blog hasn’t even existed for a year, but I love these posts. Despite a relative lack of content, I still have a strong roundup of top posts for the year! Here’s a look back at what people loved most on my blog in 2017.

frame art inexpensively

#1 – How to Frame Art Inexpensively

People love this tutorial! Get that gallery wall going!

cadillac mountain sunrise

#2 – One Day in Acadia National Park

This is one of my favorite travel experiences ever and, based on page views, a lot of others are interested in making the trip to Acadia! I hope this post helps people add a few fun activities to their itineraries.

holy donut maine

#3 – 36 Hours (and 6 Breweries) in Portland, Maine

I actually have several friends and a few readers who have told me they’ve used this post to plan their trips to Portland. This was all from the same trip as the Acadia post, but we did so much it needed its own post! I’ve been dying to go back to Portland ever since spending two days there over the summer.


#4 – I Tried Soulcycle for the First Time and Mostly Survived

And several months later, it’s a regular part of my routine! I love going to 6am classes before work because the locker rooms are so NICE. Part of how I justify paying for the classes is that they fit so well into my pre-work mornings.

favorite podcasts

#5 – My Must-Download Podcasts for the Daily Commute

This list still holds up really well even though I wrote it a few months ago. I’m currently in more of a music phase than a podcast phase while commuting (the news is exhausting, man) but these podcasts have really been helping me through my holiday driving travels.


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