Richmond Brewery Roundup

When I lived in Richmond, Virginia before moving to Philly, one of my favorite things about the city was all the great local craft beer. Over the weekend, I got to go back and hit up a bunch of my old favorites. Bringing my boyfriend along with me gave me a great excuse to pack in as many Richmond breweries as possible in one day. We didn’t end up going to a bunch of places in Scott’s Addition that were on my list, but overall I’d say five breweries in one day is not bad at all. Here’s what we did:

Triple Crossing Brewing Company

We were fortunate to have my cousin along for this one for a quick lunch before dropping her off at the airport for her flight to Alaska (super jealous, it’s fine). Triple Crossing has two locations in Richmond – one Downtown, and one in Fulton Hill, in the southeast of Richmond. We actually went to the Downtown location totally on accident due to my not paying attention when I plugged it into Google Maps, but it ended up being really great anyway. The food menu at the Downtown location is pretty limited to a few taco options, but the tacos were awesome. All three of us were happy with pulled pork tacos, fish tacos, and veggie tacos.

Favorite beer of the visit: Waxing Poetic (w/ Guava and Passionfruit)

Stone Brewing

Anyone who is into craft beer has probably heard of Stone, known for their Arrogant Bastard Ale and highly rated IPAs. Stone opened up a facility in Richmond last year and this was my first time back since they’ve actually had beer available there that was brewed in Richmond instead of their HQ in California. Stone’s location is gorgeous AND they’re opening a restaurant there soon too. I’m not majorly into IPAs so every beer there is not my favorite, but I can definitely appreciate their significance in the beer world!

Favorite beer of the visit: Mocha IPA

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

Hardywood is probably my favorite brewery in Richmond, and I know I’m not alone in having that opinion. Their limited bottle releases regularly have people lined up out the door and they have a prime location for live music and food truck festivals. Hardywood also has the added bonus of being pretty readily available in the Philadelphia area, so I can almost always get my hands on some of my favorites, including the Raspberry Stout, Peach Tripel, and Virginia Blackberry.

Favorite beer of the visit: Baltic Sunrise

The Answer Brewpub

If you’re in Richmond and you’re into beer, this is a great (and slightly lesser-known) spot to try out some weird beers. There are some intense high ABV stouts and porters, but my favorite things here are the sours and fruit beers. Several of The Answer’s brews are made with pureed fruit, making them taste almost more like a smoothie than beer. Looking at their tap list right now makes me want to go back ASAP. They not only have a bunch of their own beers, but also feature a lot of guest taps. There are 56 taps in total here, so everyone can find something they want. I would definitely suggest getting a flight to maximize what you can taste here.

Favorite beer of the visit: 3 Scoops: Raspberry, Strawberry, and Rhubarb

Garden Grove Brewing Company

I have a huge soft spot for Garden Grove because I used to live just around the corner right off Cary Street. It’s a tiny brewery, but has a lot of live music, trivia nights, and board game nights, making it a solid weeknight hangout spot. I’ve never had a beer there that I didn’t like, so it’s well worth a visit – especially if you’re planning to head to Carytown for shopping and dining anyway. Fun fact: Garden Grove was the 100th actively licensed brewery in Virginia!

Favorite beer of the visit: Spring Fling

BONUS BREWERY – Trapezium Brewing Company

Okay so this one isn’t technically in Richmond, but I still have to include it because it’s one of my hometown favorites. Trapezium opened almost exactly one year ago in Petersburg and is now a must-visit spot every time I’m home. They have great wood-fired pizza and, most importantly, amazing beer. In the past, they’ve done some cool collabs (like this Donut Stout) with Buttermilk Bake Shop, which is just around the corner.

Favorite beer of the visit: Lucky 44 – Tangerine Saison


I’m already looking forward to making another trip down to Richmond to make sure we get to the other great breweries we missed (Isley, Ardent, Legend, the Veil, etc.). Until then, you can also follow all my beer adventures on Untappd. Cheers!