What’s on My iPhone: Most Frequently Used iPhone Apps


I love when people do “what’s on my phone” or “what’s in my bag” posts because (a) I’m super nosy and (b) I think it gives an interesting view into the person’s life. There are a ton of iPhone apps I find myself using daily. Not just Instagram, Spotify, and Facebook, but other potentially lesser known apps that I open up alllllll the time.

audibleAudible // I go through phases where I am very into audiobooks. Now is one of those times. I listen to a lot of music and podcasts, but sometimes I just need something different for the commute. I am also a big fan of listening to audiobooks while I clean, cook, and do laundry at home. I know there are a handful of services for this, but Audible made the most sense to me when I was getting into it because it is part of Amazon, something I use regularly anyway. Audiobooks are especially good for impatient people like me, because you can speed up the recordings to get through books faster. I always listen on 1.5x speed and it’s the perfect level of quick but not too quick.

p.s. Follow this link to try Audible and get two free audiobooks!!


nytNYT Crossword // I love crossword puzzles but really struggled for quite some time to find a good iPhone app to do them on the go. A lot of crossword apps are either clunky or just don’t have good puzzles. I finally broke down and decided to pay for a New York Times Crossword subscription ($6/month) and I have zero regrets. Puzzles for each morning are released at 10pm the night before (6pm for Sundays) and I have gotten into the habit of doing puzzles at night before bed. NYT puzzles are easiest on Monday and get progressively harder through the week until Sunday, which is the biggest challenge. I’m at a place now where I can easily finish Monday’s puzzle and can usually do Tuesday, and I am way too proud of myself if I finish a puzzle any other day of the week.



Untappd // It took me a while to get into Untappd after a friend introduced it to me a few years ago, but now I use this app religiously. Untappd is an app that you can use to track the beers you drink and to see what other people have rated beers that you might be thinking about ordering. My favorite thing about this app is that there are tons of fun badges that you get after trying a certain number of different styles of beer. I also love having this record of what I’ve tried because I sometimes forget whether I’ve had something before and Untappd helps me remember. You can see my profile here.



Instacart // One of the things I love most about living in a city is that awesome amenities like grocery delivery are easily accessible. I don’t hate grocery shopping, but I really hate taking the time out of my day / week to go to the grocery store. This is especially true if I want to buy a lot (like more than I want to carry 0.9 miles – the distance to the grocery store closest to my apartment) and don’t want to mess with moving my car in my South Philly parking situation. Instacart has been a game changer because I can place a grocery order from places like Whole Foods or ACME while I’m at work and schedule free delivery of my groceries for 6pm-7pm when I know I’ll be home. While the Instacart shopper is picking up your groceries, you can see right on the app if something is out of stock and approve replacement products in real time.

p.s. You can use this link to try Instacart and get $10 off your first order.

trelloTrello // Ever since high school, I have struggled to find a to-do list system that really works for me. I’ve tried everything – cute planners, to-do list notebooks, Google tasks, Evernote – and nothing has ever truly clicked for more than a week or so. I really don’t remember how I was first introduced to Trello, but I owe that person or people a huge thank you, because this is the only thing I have successfully used for any length of time to organize my life. I create different boards for work, school, and personal tasks, and then am able to color code, organize, add due dates, add priority levels, etc. for each task. I also love that you can create to-do lists within tasks on Trello to further break down big projects. A big bonus of Trello is that it isn’t just an iPhone app. The website is also really easy to use. I really appreciate being able to add tasks and cross things off from multiple devices, as I use this system both in and out of work and school contexts. Oh and the best part? It’s free!

sudokuSudoku // This sudoku app is the thing on my phone I open the most when I am mid-commute because you don’t have to be connected to the network to use it. When I am heading home from work, I have no cell phone service while waiting for my trolley and for the first few stops of the trip. This is when I whip out the sudoku app and challenge myself to finish an extreme level puzzle before I get to my transfer. I have also found that of all the sudoku apps out there, this one in particular is the best designed and easiest to use.



Let me know if you find any of these apps useful in your day-to-day life and if there are any you use that I should check out!