Brooklyn Weekend Recap

brooklyn brewery

Two weeks ago, I was up in Brooklyn for a weekend with my boyfriend for an LCD Soundsystem concert at Brooklyn Steel. The show was absolutely incredible – like no exaggeration, maybe the best show I’ve ever been to – but we also did a ton of other fun things that I thought were worth sharing.

bushwick country club

The show was Sunday night, so our weekend was shifted by a day. We took a bus up to New York on Saturday afternoon and came back to Philly on Monday. Saturday afternoon, we checked into our Airbnb (which had excellent decor!) and set out for a relatively low-key night since we knew Sunday would be the big night of the weekend. We stopped at Bushwick Country Club (a dive bar, not remotely like a country club) on the way to dinner and were pleasantly surprised by beers being only $6.

modern love brooklyn

Next stop was dinner at Modern Love. I would very highly recommend this place to anyone spending an evening or two in Brooklyn. It’s one of those places that is totally vegan but doesn’t seem vegan – kind of like Charlie was a sinner. in Philadelphia. The restaurant was super busy but we went early right when it opened at 5pm and got a table for two with no issues. I had the Mac & Shews, an awesome vegan mac & cheese dish made with cashews and featuring cauliflower, kale, and breaded tofu. SO. GOOD. Would get this meal again in a heartbeat.

union pool

After dinner, we walked around to a few more places in the neighborhood – The Big Whiskey, Barcade, and Union Pool. Barcade is one of my favorite places in Philly, not because of the arcade games but because they have an excellent and extensive beer list. I was happy to find that Barcade in Brooklyn was the same. Union Pool was a great stop as well because there was a taco truck in the back of the bar! Just what we needed after such an early dinner.

peter pan donuts

On Sunday morning, we walked up to Greenpoint to get donuts from Peter Pan Donuts and Pastries. We heard rave reviews about this place and were not disappointed even though the line to get our food took absolutely forever.

spoonbill and sugartown

After donuts, we walked down to Williamsburg to do some shopping and kill some time. We went to a few shops on Bedford Avenue, including Catbird (love their stuff but was it was too busy to really shop), Spoonbill & Sugartown Books (amazing and I wanted alllllll the art and design coffee table books), and The Mini Mall (where Doug found an awesome vintage Temple University sweatshirt).

brooklyn brewery

brooklyn brewery

Once noon hit, we went to Brooklyn Brewery, which is one of my favorites. The tasting room is huge and the atmosphere is really great. We went here around this time last year and loved it, so obviously needed to make a return trip. I think this is one of the best deals on craft beer in the city. You can buy five tokens for $20 and one token gets you a 12 ounce beer. Some heavier beers, like the Black Chocolate Stout, cost two tokens, but most things are just one. We also lucked out being there a day that they happened to be giving out samples of some more rare big bottle beers and also doing a buy three get one free deal on the bottles.

brooklyn brewery

We spent a long time at Brooklyn Brewery before taking a very long Lyft ride over to Baba’s Pierogies. I went to this place when I was in Brooklyn a few weeks ago and knew I needed to come back ASAP. We split some mac & cheese, jalapeño, and bacon & cheddar pierogies, then also decided to get chocolate crunch dessert pierogies for dessert. Everything here is just so good. After wrapping up here, we went around the corner to Strong Rope Brewery, which was also excellent.

babas pierogies

Time was really getting away from us after Strong Rope, so we headed back to our Airbnb to quickly change clothes before walking over to Brooklyn Steel for the show. The show was incredible and I also really loved the venue. If a band I am super interested in seeing is playing there in the future, I would definitely make the trip up again.

After the show was over, we went over to Jupiter Disco, where a friend of a friend works (but unfortunately wasn’t in the night we went), followed by a brief stop by House of Yes, which we had heard was a lot of fun. Jupiter Disco was pretty quiet since it was a Sunday night, but the cocktails were incredible. By the time we made it to House of Yes, we were totally exhausted and didn’t last very long before calling an Uber back to the Airbnb.

stumptown coffee

The next day was pretty low key as we were exhausted from the night before. After a delicious lunch at The Meatball Shop, we just hid out in a coffee shop and relaxed and got work done for the rest of the day until taking the bus back to Philly.

As always, the trip was way too short and I’m looking forward to being back! Heading back up to Brooklyn on January 1st for someone’s Christmas present…



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